Snap Shot

It’s a day when the simplest thing can keep you laughing for hours. Honestly, as inconsequential as it may feel…these moments help make life feel not as…overbearing.

I welcome these moments with OPEN ARMS. Why? Because it brings some of the sanity back to life. Your day at work drags you down – feeling like you haven’t done enough, your dog pisses on the carpet, your workout is hard because you’re out of shape.

And then.

It happens.

You check Twitter and you see this random STUPID hilarity that just puts it all in perspective.

There, that’s all, I’m keeping it simple because it is, simple. Enjoy your silly small moments.


Quotant Quotable

“I’m going to live and do for me. This is MY year.” – Me

Today this is Me

This would be the perfect outfit for today. It’s crapola outside, like granola only made with snow, rain, gloom and slush. I wouldn’t even take the boots off once indoors. Today was a day that I was cold inside and out.

It was a day you could see yourself in a Campbell’s Soup Commercial turning from a snowman into a kid again. Awww…chicken noodle soup. Or tomato. Mm…

Just because it’s cold here doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. It’s all relative. You wear what you can wherever you are and when including necessary items you shop around, find the best looking version of whatever it is you need. Oh and always make sure it can go with a lot. You’d be surprised at what is considered “neutral” now. It’s exciting.

What I love about my job on a day like today -> Please see above. What a FUN outfit really. I mean…granted I would probably EVENTUALLY change my shoes, it’s still such a neat concept. And I would NEVER have thought to try it until now.

Change is good. And Today this is Me. On the inside, I just have to get the outside to catch up.

Living Under Your Thumb

Ridges embedded into my cheek. Eyes pucker from salt. Nail digs into my forehead.

Downward, pressing me into the ground like a pin on a board. Sticking. Stuck.

They call me Thumba-leana at school now.

You could make a song of it too, if you wanted, it’s easy. I walk like I’m always trying to listen for vibration of a heard coming my way. Ear to the ground. Back broken from being pushed to one side.

Thumb-day life will be better for me. The day when there’s no more salt in my eyes, nails being dug and I feel the ridges of your print release me.

Quotant Quotable

“The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” – Benjamin Franklin

It doesn’t take too much effort to be aware of our surroundings. Yet those things that are no mystery to us we live side by side, in illusion. The illusion that we understand all of its complexities and can therefore simplify it.

I stand beside you weak and broken. The basis for which you can contemplate as a simple definitive. Yet the complexity of it alludes you and your ignorance insults me. Thrusts me into the thralls of it all.

Here we are. Ignorance is your bliss. Now, if only I could only ignore you.

Quotant Quotable

“Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life” – OneRepublic

Lately this song is in my mind, wherever I go. Stalking me. I can’t say that I enjoy it. It almost feels taunting, mocking even.

Maybe I need to change my perspective. Is my heart sending my mind a message? Maybe. And maybe I should listen?

As of right now…this perspective is a lot better than the one I’ve got. Currently I have Adele on replay and that is depressing. So here I go, clicking skip and moving on.

After all, apparently my heart knows something my mind doesn’t and that’s usually a good sign.

Light up the Life

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”

            – Kahlil Gibran

There’s so much beauty in this world, so much light, that we take for granted. I don’t know what makes us be blind to it all. At what point do we flick the switch and it’s, “lights out?”

There’s no weakness in appreciation and value; and yet the strong ones make it appear so.

Who are these strong ones? – The strong and silent type, maybe. Those people who make the world seem like a villain; always fighting against them. A villain who sends daily foes to come their way. Puts all life’s hardships in a strange perspective.

Then there’s the others. I’d say I am one of them. Who see the beauty, who revel in it. The people who appreciate it but we somehow get distracted by those strong ones. We get made to feel like we are the weak ones; naive. But it’s intelligence, to be thankful.

Of course there are in-between’s, there always are. These people who don’t quite fit into one category. But they don’t really make this outline of humanity as interesting.

I hope one day the grouping converges. It won’t make people too similar to be together; it will create a happier society. Where the answer to “why is life so hard?” will be…”it’s not.” Simply put. It’s not. Maybe with that life will become simpler too.


A Quotant Quotable

“Just remember, the same as a spectacular Vogue magazine, remember that no matter how close you follow the jumps: Continued on page whatever. No matter how careful you are, there’s going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn’t experience it all. There’s that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should’ve been paying attention. Well, get used to that feeling. That’s how your whole life will feel some day. This is all practice. None of this matters. We’re just warming up.” – Chuck Palahniuk

As I lay awake

The moment I dislike being single the most: laying in bed, forcing sleep, listening to the rainfall.

I miss feeling someone next to me. Their warmth, their security. Most of all the vulnerability. How pure and innocent they look when the day is gone and all that’s left are hopeful thoughts of tomorrow.  The worries aren’t hanging on their face anymore.

The sleep sighs and small “dreamy” sounds. Roll-overs that bring them closer to you. Squeezes in the middle of the night.


My favorite moments with you were when we slept. It was there I felt it when you loved me the most and there I felt it when it was all over.