Today this is Me

This would be the perfect outfit for today. It’s crapola outside, like granola only made with snow, rain, gloom and slush. I wouldn’t even take the boots off once indoors. Today was a day that I was cold inside and out.

It was a day you could see yourself in a Campbell’s Soup Commercial turning from a snowman into a kid again. Awww…chicken noodle soup. Or tomato. Mm…

Just because it’s cold here doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. It’s all relative. You wear what you can wherever you are and when including necessary items you shop around, find the best looking version of whatever it is you need. Oh and always make sure it can go with a lot. You’d be surprised at what is considered “neutral” now. It’s exciting.

What I love about my job on a day like today -> Please see above. What a FUN outfit really. I mean…granted I would probably EVENTUALLY change my shoes, it’s still such a neat concept. And I would NEVER have thought to try it until now.

Change is good. And Today this is Me. On the inside, I just have to get the outside to catch up.